I have always been one of those people who is committed to doing the right thing, which is one of the reasons I was so taken off guard by accusations that I had broken the law. I knew that I had to work hard to prove my innocence, so I started looking around for places that could help. I was able to find a great general attorney in my area who really seemed to understand what I was up against, and it was really incredible to work with him. He helped me with everything from working with my employer to knowing which bills to pay, and I was really grateful. Check out this blog for more information.

Did You Breach A Contract? 5 Things That May Make It Invalid

15 May 2023
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A breach of contract can be an expensive legal problem. If you've been accused of a breach and face a lawsuit, forming the best defense possible is the only way to minimize financial loss. The good news is that even if you did commit the breach, there are several good defenses you may deploy. Some of the most common involve the requirements for a contract to be valid. Here are five key things that could make yours invalid. Read More …

What To Know When Hiring A Trust Fund Lawyer

6 April 2023
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Trust funds are an excellent way to protect and manage wealth. A trust fund allows you to place assets, such as money, investments, or property, in an account for a specific person. If you are thinking about creating a trust fund or are a recipient of one, you will likely require the services of a trust fund lawyer. A lawyer will help you set up a trust fund or manage one that you have received. Read More …

Get Ready To Make Divorce Decisions

28 February 2023
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Divorce is a time of making a lot of big decisions that will impact your life. Be ready to make some good decisions by knowing what to expect and what needs to be decided. Read on so that you and your spouse can begin to talk about divorce issues as soon as possible.  Do Some Deep Thinking You won't be ready to discuss things with your spouse until you know what you want. Read More …

What SSDI Claimants Should Know About SGA

19 January 2023
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If you are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), brushing up on some widely-used acronyms is a good idea. One of them, SGA (substantial gainful activity), governs both how claimants are approved for SSDI and how they can continue to be eligible for benefits. To find out what SGA means and how it affects you, read below. Apply Only After Stopping Work Apply for SSDI benefits only after you have stopped working. Read More …