Get Ready To Make Divorce Decisions

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Get Ready To Make Divorce Decisions

28 February 2023
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Divorce is a time of making a lot of big decisions that will impact your life. Be ready to make some good decisions by knowing what to expect and what needs to be decided. Read on so that you and your spouse can begin to talk about divorce issues as soon as possible. 

Do Some Deep Thinking

You won't be ready to discuss things with your spouse until you know what you want. For example, you should consider what might happen if you ask for and are awarded the family home. Explore the implications of child custody, visitation, and other important divorce issues so that you can be ready when you speak to your divorce lawyer. Once you know where you stand on vital issues, you can meet your spouse and find out where they stand.

Get Together

If you and your spouse can manage to meet and discuss the divorce, it will go a long way toward a less-acrimonious experience. Plan to meet several times and limit your discussions to one or two issues at a time. For example, at your initial meeting, you might want to discuss temporary plans to cover your current bills.

Later, you will be discussing major issues like child custody, debt, and property divisions. But first, lay the groundwork for some successful discussions of minor issues. Get input from your divorce lawyer so that you will understand the implications of your decisions. For example, the party that has full physical custody of any children will also be the recipient of child support in most cases. Speak with your lawyer about child support, custody, and visitation before you talk to your spouse.

Other Divorce Issues to Consider

Those with children should discuss and decide on custody and visitation. However, child support is one of those things that must be decided by the laws of your state. Talk to your divorce lawyer and find out how things are determined in your state.

When it comes to marital property, make a list of everything you own and the date you acquired it. Take the list to your lawyer and find out what is and what is not part of the divorce. Do the same thing with your debts. Not all debts between the two of you are marital debts.

If your spouse has a 401(k), ask your lawyer about getting a QDRO (qualified domestic relations order) ready. This must be done before the divorce is final. A QDRO allows you to remove some retirement savings without paying penalties.

Find out more by speaking with your divorce lawyer.