Activities That Can Affect A Trucker's Concentration When Driving And How To Hold Them Accountable For Hitting You

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Activities That Can Affect A Trucker's Concentration When Driving And How To Hold Them Accountable For Hitting You

7 December 2022
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Some truck drivers are misguidedly confident that they can undertake various other activities and drive simultaneously. Unfortunately, in some cases, motorists who engage in other activities when driving make costly mistakes that have catastrophic consequences. This happens because they take their attention off driving and hit other road users. In case a distracted truck driver hits you, you may have a right to sue and demand compensation from them. This is especially so if they were engaged in the following activities when they hit you:

Operating Their Phone While Driving

Texting while driving is hazardous, and the repercussions can be more severe when operating a truck. Whenever truckers text when driving, they take at least one hand off the wheel and their eyes and focus off the road. This makes it challenging to react in time when there is an emergency. The danger is even higher if a big rig changes lanes unexpectedly. In a case like this, they can cause deadly head-on collisions that may result in severe wreckage and catastrophic injuries to passenger vehicle occupants.

Talking on the phone is also dangerous because it reduces a driver's concentration. This leads to poor decision-making that sometimes results in serious crashes. If these issues lead to a collision, the trucker should face the law for their negligence and take full responsibility for the damages. So, contact a truck injury attorney to investigate the crash and get the evidence needed to hold the trucker accountable for your losses.

Eating and Drinking As They Drive

Most truckers operate under strict schedules, which may make it challenging to stop for too long in order to have their meals. As a result, they buy packaged food and eat it while behind the wheel. Doing this when driving is risky and can lead to a collision. This may happen while the driver tries to keep their drinks or food from spilling. In such cases, drivers take their eyes off the road, which leads to costly driving mistakes. If a trucker causes a collision and injures you while eating, your lawyer can help you take legal action against the driver to help ensure that they offer you compensation.

Looking at Road Distractions While Driving

Drivers must look outside their vehicles to watch for road signs and traffic signals when driving on various roads. Unfortunately, this can take away their concentration and lead to collisions. However, it is essential to note that drivers ought to pay attention to their driving even when looking at roadside signs. Therefore, your legal advisor can hold a trucker accountable even if they hit while looking at road signs.

If you're involved in a collision caused by a distracted driver, hire a truck accident law attorney to help you get justice. They will gather evidence and file a lawsuit against the wrongdoer to ensure they face justice and compensate you. 

For more info about truck accident law, contact a local lawyer.