Marital Abuse & Getting Divorced

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Marital Abuse & Getting Divorced

7 July 2019
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Getting into daily arguments with an abusive spouse can be depressing and keep you drained of all of your energy. The living situation can also be difficult for children to cope with, especially if your partner yells at them as well. It is in the best interest for you and the children to get out of the situation. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to move out, as a judge may be able to issue a restraining order that mandates that your spouse leaves the home instead. If filing for a divorce is something that you are ready to move forward with, you don't have to go through the process alone. This article has a few details in regards to how a divorce lawyer can be helpful in the situation from beginning to the end.

Assist with Restraining Orders

The most important move to make when divorcing an abusive spouse is to get away from him or her as soon as possible. Rather than moving out of your house, ask a lawyer to assist with helping you to get one or more restraining orders. The restraining orders will be based on your needs, such as if you need one that restricts your spouse from getting too close to your place of employment. You can also get one that keeps your spouse away from the children's school if a judge feels that it is necessary. A lawyer can let you know about each restraining order he or she can file on your behalf.

Prove the Wrongs of Your Spouse

In nearly every state, it doesn't take much to get divorced based on irreconcilable differences, as such divorces are usually granted. However, it is still a good idea to gather evidence of your spouse being abusive if you are basing the divorce on this reason. The evidence of abuse can play a role in what you are granted in the divorce decree, such as alimony payments, possession of the house, and child custody. Leave gathering evidence to a lawyer so he or she can ensure that the judge will clearly see that you are in an abusive marriage that is bad for you and the children.

Create Custom Divorce Documents

There are various ways to obtain divorce documents, such as by simply printing them out online and customizing them on your own. However, it is important for the documents to be properly customized with the correct legal terms and based on your specific marriage, which is why a lawyer is useful. Filing simple documents can possibly lead to you not being granted what you deserve when the divorce is finalized.