If You Or Your Spouse Is Getting A Sex Change, Is It Possible To Save The Marriage?

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If You Or Your Spouse Is Getting A Sex Change, Is It Possible To Save The Marriage?

17 August 2018
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A growing number of people are coming to terms with gender identity problems by getting sex changes to the gender which in which they feel more comfortable. If they are married, it can be a big shock to their spouse and requires a lot of work to save the marriage.

Sex Changes Can Complicate A Marriage

After a person gets married and decides to have a sex change, there will be complications in the marriage. For example, if a husband decides to become a woman, the wife has to decide if she is okay being in that kind of relationship or if she finds it uncomfortable. And while it used to be a cause for automatic divorce in many countries, most states in America still recognize these unions.

And sex becomes a more complicated issue if the wife or husband is not attracted to their same gender. While the person who is getting the change is still the same person in a vast majority of ways, it may be complex for some spouses to handle that physical change. Thankfully, a better understanding of the psychology behind sex changes and the reality of the physical changes may save many marriages.

Many Marriages Survive This Change

The comforting thing that many people in this situation experience is the understanding of a spouse who, in many instances, may have anticipated this situation. Some may be willing to not only accept the person's sex change but to help them transition to a new life by:

  • Helping to pay for the surgery
  • Providing them with the necessary hormones
  • Buying new types of clothing
  • Introducing their changed spouse to friends and family
  • Standing up for them if they are attacked or mocked

In these circumstances, the spouse loves the person who received the sex change enough that they accept the change. Some even celebrate it and stay together long after the surgery. That said, it isn't always a situation from which a marriage can survive.

Divorce May Be Necessary For Some

While a large number of people are growing to better understand sex changes and similar procedures, many more may find it hard to handle. Some might see their spouse's sex change as a betrayal of their vows. This fact is particularly true if they simply cannot see themselves being married to the same gender.

Unfortunately, this situation may make a divorce necessary. In some instances, though, a sex change may complicate the divorce in a variety of tough-to-navigate legal ways. Even if both parties want a clean divorce without a lot of fighting, a change in gender may confuse the courts or cause problems that are hard to predict.

So if you are in this situation and don't believe that you can save your marriage, it is important to talk to a divorce attorney right away. These specialists will help you to understand your rights, the potential complications here, and the ways that you can emerge from this divorce on good terms with your ex.