Filling The Need: Social Security Attorneys

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Filling The Need: Social Security Attorneys

24 January 2018
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Once you realize that you can no longer work at your job because of a medical problem, you may be understandably concerned about your financial future. The government has put in place a program to help people just like you, who need some financial assistance to help replace their salary. You may have heard some advertisements on television by attorneys who mention helping you get your benefits, and have been interested in learning more. Read on to learn more about how these attorneys can help and how it works.

The Social Security Process

You should go ahead and apply for benefits as soon as you are no longer able to work, since the application and approval process can be very lengthy. The process requires you to have proof of your medical condition and can seem confusing to nearly everyone. In most cases, your efforts to get benefits are met with a denial, often many months after your initial application. Once you are denied, talk to a Social Security attorney about getting your benefits.

Take Action Quickly

Once you get the notice of denial of benefits, you should take note of the date. You have 60 days from the date of the letter to file an appeal, and if you want to get benefits you must do so. If you were unable to take action and miss the deadline, you may still be permitted to request the appeal if you have a good reason for missing it. For example, if you were hospitalized or some other good reason. If you do not have a good reason, however, you will have to go through the entire application experience again, so be sure to take action. Your attorney will ensure that you do not miss any important dates.

Get Those Records in Order

Nothing is as convincing as medical records to prove your condition, so make sure you access them. While you certainly have a legal right to them, doing so quick enough might be a challenge. Having a Social Security attorney on board means that you will have those important records in time for your appeal hearing, since they are used to dealing with medical facilities.

Have Professional Representation

No matter what, just having a Social Security attorney by your side for your appeals hearing can raise your chances of a successful appeal just by being there. A study found that 63.6% of claims were approved on appeal for applicants with an attorney, as opposed to only 40.1% for those sans council.

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