Working Out Child Custody In Different States

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Working Out Child Custody In Different States

13 September 2017
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One parent moving to another state may not be avoidable due to career. If you and another parent will wind up in different states, co parenting is still very important. Child custody arrangements can become a little more complex if one of the parents have to leave the state, which means that the agreements will have to change. If you are interested in a child custody agreement that will change because of moving across state lines, here are some ways to work out custody. 

Decide who will pay for airfare

If one of the parents is paying child support, it can be a good idea to designate the child support as air fare for the child during the time that the child will visit the parent who pays support. This lessens the burden of purchasing air fare on both parents. Allow the parent who pays child support to purchase the air fare and make sure that it is documented. This will make traveling expenses equitable for both parents. 

Set up regular talk times

Even with the child is in a different state, the child should have constant talk time with the parent that they are not with physically. Children can speak to their parent via video chats so that the parent can check on their well-being and find out what they have. Place it in the child custody agreement how often the non-physical parent is to be in contact with the child so that each person gets to participate in parenting no matter the location. In order to be sure that the child can communicate with either parent when necessary, supplying them with a phone or a tablet is a good idea. 

Take trips or visits as a family 

If you and the parent of your child are still on good terms, it is a good idea to take family vacations so that there are times of the year when you are all together. Spend a holiday together at one of your homes so that your child won't have to split important times. If you wish to work out who travels and on what holidays, make up a custody agreement with your child custody attorney to spell out the contract. This will ensure that your child is able to split time between the parents and that the parents are able to be there for big moments without skipping a beat.