Old Habits: Dealing With A Ticket For Driving On An Expired License

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Old Habits: Dealing With A Ticket For Driving On An Expired License

8 September 2017
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Life tends to get busy. Going to work, running errands for your home and job, and spending the necessary time on family and friend obligations can take up a large chunk of your daily life. When you are overly busy and not as organized, things can slip through the cracks, such as renewing your license. If you are stopped by the police before you remember to renew your license, you may get a ticket or two from the cop. If this happens and you do not want to have a violation on your record, there are a few steps you can take to get the issue dropped. 

Renew your license as soon as possible

If you have received a ticket for an expired license, the first action that you should take is to renew your license immediately. Getting your license within the next few days after at ticket will resolve the issue of the ticket. This looks best when you go to court to fight the ticket that you received. Be sure to keep the receipt from the payment of your license in case you need proof of the date that the license was renewed. 

Point out your good driving record

Though receiving a ticket for an expired license isn't bad, it does mean that you still wind up with points off on your license. If you are usually a good driver and otherwise a law abiding citizen, this is not something that you will want on your record. Order a copy of your driving record, either online or at your local DMV. If you are able to show proof of a clean driving record, there is a better likelihood that the ticket can be reconsidered through the traffic court system. 

Send a lawyer to fight the case

One of the best things that you can do is get a traffic defense attorney to take on your ticket case. License renewals always cost money. Having to pay a ticket in relation to the expired license means you lose money and points. It could also mean that your insurance costs will rise for the duration that the infraction is on your record. All of these costs can be prohibitive to your budget. Instead, pay a lawyer a flat fee in order to represent you in court. This will mean that the ticket can be removed from your record completely, saving you money in the short and long run. 

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