How A DUI Will Affect Your Teaching Career

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How A DUI Will Affect Your Teaching Career

8 September 2017
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A DUI conviction can affect all careers or professions, but it affects some people more than others. One profession that can take a serious hit after a DUI conviction is the teaching profession. Here are some of the things that may happen to your teaching job or career when you lose a DUI charge:

You May Lose Your Teaching Certificate

You won't lose your teaching job automatically after a DUI conviction. The severity of the offense determines whether your teaching certificate is revoked or whether you get fired from your teaching job. For example, there is a good chance that you will keep your job after a first time DUI conviction (usually a misdemeanor). However, your job will be in jeopardy if you have racked up multiple DUI convictions or if you have been convicted of aggravated DUI.

The Conviction Messes up Your Chance of Promotions

When teachers are being reviewed for promotion, be assured that all aspects of their lives will be considered, and not just their classroom prowess. This means your DUI conviction will probably be considered, and it can reduce your chances of landing that coveted promotion. The effect of the DUI will particularly be bigger if it is a recent one or if it affected your students in any way. For example, a teacher who is convicted of a DUI and misses numerous school days is more likely to be affected than another teacher with a similar conviction but gets back on the job soon after.

It Can Impact Your Chances of Further Education

Further education can open up more opportunities for any teacher. Unfortunately, a DUI conviction can mess up your chances of further education, especially if you were planning on paying your fees via educational grants or bursaries. This is because most of these funding sources will take your criminal conviction into consideration when determining whether to give you the money.

It May Affect Your Commute

If you teach somewhere where you have to drive to school, then a DUI conviction will affect your commute because your driving license will be suspended. Depending on the alternative transportation methods available to you, you may find yourself being constantly late or missing some of your classes. This will affect your standing in the school and may also hinder your chances of getting more responsibilities at the school or even getting promoted.

Therefore, as a teacher, you must do everything in your power to avoid a conviction if you are facing DUI charges. This usually boils down to hiring an experienced DUI lawyer. For more information, contact a lawyer at firms like Throgmorton Winston Attorney.