Three Myths About Worker's Compensation You Should Avoid Believing

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Three Myths About Worker's Compensation You Should Avoid Believing

24 August 2017
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Worker's compensation claims are an unpleasant aspect of the modern workplace, but they can be an indispensable form of protection for workers. Without these policies, workers would find that they were responsible for the cost of treating injuries they suffered. If you are to be able to protect your rights as a worker, you will have to avoid believing some routine myths.

Myth: It Does Not Matter When The Injury Is Reported Or Diagnosed

One of the most important things to remember when you suffer a workplace injury is to report it as soon as it is possible. Timely reporting of these injuries can be essential for preserving the integrity of your case. In situations where there is a sizable gap between the injury being suffered and it being reported, it may be possible for the insurance to successfully dispute your claim under the argument that the injured actually occurred away from work. Additionally, when you seek treatment for your injuries, you will want to inform the doctor that it occurred at work so that this will be entered into the formal medical records.

Myth: You Will Always Have To Sue To Have A Claim Approved

One of the most common reasons for individuals to be hesitant about pursuing a worker's compensation claim is the belief that they will have to file a lawsuit to have their claim taken seriously. Yet, this is not the experience that you are likely to have. Typically, your worker's compensation claim will be processed fairly predictably as long as you have properly documented the injury. As a result, you should not let this fear discourage you from taking the steps for filing one of these claims. In the rare event that the insurance does not honor your claim, seeking the representation of an attorney will help you to protect your rights against unscrupulous insurance practices.

Myth: You Must Comply With Any Requests From The Insurance Company

During the course of having your claim processed, you might assume that you will have to comply with any requests that the insurance company makes of you. While there are many pieces of information that you will have to provide, you are only obligated to provide information that is directly relevant to the accident. As a result, if you find that the insurance is asking you for information that does not seem related to the accident, you may want to schedule a consultation with a worker's compensation attorney so that you can verify that the request is normal and valid.

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