Complications From Colorectal Surgery At A VA Hospital? Apply For Disability Benefits

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Complications From Colorectal Surgery At A VA Hospital? Apply For Disability Benefits

28 October 2021
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In a perfect world, surgical procedures would result in a betterment of diseases and illnesses. However, since the world is far from perfect, sometimes complications arise from surgical procedures that leave the patient in a worse situation than they were in before the surgery. While all surgical procedures have risks involved, some colorectal surgeries can result in complications during and/or after surgery that prevent the patient from being gainfully employed.

You'll want to apply for disability benefits as soon as possible, especially if you are already experiencing a financial setback due to no longer earning an income. Here's what you need to know about applying for disability benefits if you or a loved one had a colorectal surgery and it resulted in a negative outcome. 

Complications from Colorectal Surgeries

Depending on the reason for the surgery and the type of surgery, complications of colorectal surgeries can result in the inability for the patient to remain employed for an extensive period of time. For example, a surgery to remove a tumor can result in an infection that can, in turn, result in the need for a bowel resection and motility retraining. This type of complication can take well over a year to rectify. Due to the long term prognosis, you can apply for disability benefits.

Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

According to the Social Security Administration, it can take 3 to 5 months for them to reach a decision as to whether or not someone is approved for disability benefits. Because of this lengthy process, it's a good idea to hire an attorney to assist you in gathering the pertinent documentation and information you need to provide when you apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. 

Apply for Veterans Administration Disability

If you are a veteran, and had surgery at a VA hospital – and that surgery resulted in complications that were not reasonably expected – you may also be able to get a disability rating from the Veterans Administration. This is called a Section 1151 claim and is awarded the same monetary amount as service-connected disabilities. However, Section 1151 claims are extremely difficult to get approved, especially without the help of an attorney. 

If you're awarded disability benefits from both the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration, make sure that you update your files at both agencies, particularly if you're awarded disability benefits that are means-tested and therefore based on your income.

For more information about how to apply for disability benefits, contact a disability benefits expert.