What Distinguishes A Car Accident Attorney From Other Lawyers

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What Distinguishes A Car Accident Attorney From Other Lawyers

26 September 2018
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If you're looking for counsel in the weeks following an automotive incident, you may be wondering why it might be worth your time to choose a dedicated car accident attorney over another type of lawyer. Vehicle accident cases, after all, are considered part of a subset of personal injury law. When you think about these three reasons to hire a car accident law attorney, though, you'll understand why the field calls for such a high degree of specialization.


The simple reality is that no lawyer is, by definition, a physicist or an engineer. The problem is that auto accidents, when reduced to their most extremely basic form, are physics problems gone terribly wrong. A car accident attorney needs to have a broad understanding of these types of incidents, and it helps to work with someone who has seen a number of cases, including looking at wrecks, seeing what damaged vehicles look like and understanding the disfiguration and pain that victims can suffer.


A car accident law attorney will also foster relationships with people in related fields who can provide testimony. If you need a detailed explanation of how, for example, a two-point restraint system could fail and lead to a person's neck being snapped back by an airbag, you're probably going to have to look pretty hard to find an expert on the subject. A lawyer familiar with auto accidents will have several such experts listed in their Rolodex.

Similarly, you're likely going to need to pay a visit to a medical professional, such as a physical therapist or a chiropractor, who can examine the state of your injuries and produce a detailed report. Most car accident attorneys know someone in the medical field who specifically takes on such post-incident reviews.

Local Knowledge

If you don't live in an area where an incident occurred, you might not be aware of what spots have bad reputations. Even if an attorney doesn't specifically know which areas produce the most dangerous accidents, they usually know a DOT officer at the local state police barracks who can attest to how bad a location is for an accident and what to check for when an incident occurs there. This sort of ground-level knowledge about an individual vehicle accident can significantly bolster a claim, especially when an insurance adjuster is scrambling to provide a legally required response within a statutorily limited amount of time.